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People at BRIDGE: School of Geographical Sciences

Catherine Bradshaw - Postgraduate student
Fran Bragg - Postgraduate student
Katie Cooper - Research Assistant
Anne-Laure Daniau - QUEST funded Researcher
Jonathan Day - Postgraduate Student
Aidan Farrow - Postgraduate Student
Dr Michelle Felton - Research Associate
Dr Rachel Flecker - Lecturer
Dr Pierre Friedlingstein - Research Collaborator (BRIDGE/QUEST)
Lauren Gregoire - Postgraduate Student
Peter Hopcroft - Research Assistant
Peter Irvine - Postgraduate Student
Ruza Ivanović - Postgraduate student
Dr Emilie Journet - Research Associate
Dr Ron Kahana - Research Associate
Doug Kelley - Research Assistant
Dr Dan Lunt - Reader in Climate Science
Sarah Nelson - Postgraduate Student
Dr David Richards - Senior Lecturer
Professor Andy Ridgwell - Royal Society University Research Fellow
Dr William Roberts - Research Assistant
Navjit Sagoo - Postgraduate student
Dr Joy Singarayer - Lecturer
Emma Stone - Research Assistant
David Strong - Postgraduate Student
Dr Julia Tindall - Research Assistant
Gregory Tourte - Scientific Software and Systems Support Engineer
Professor Paul Valdes - Professor of Physical Geography
Dr Masaru Yoshioka - Research Assistant

Other people: doing BRIDGE related research in Bristol

Professor Jonathan Bamber - Professor in Physical Geography
Professor Paul Bates - Professor of Physical Geography
Professor Ian Cluckie - Professor of Hydrology and Water Management
Professor Richard Evershed - Professor of Biogeochemistry
Dr Ed Hornibrook - Lecturer
Professor Elaine Kempson - Professor of Personal Finance & Social Policy Research
Dr Richard Pancost - Lecturer in Biogeochemistry
Professor Tony Payne - Professor of Physical Geography
Professor Colin Prentice - Professor of Earth System Science
Dr Jonty Rougier - Lecturer in Statistics
Professor Steve Sparks - Chaning Wills Professor of Geology
Professor Martyn Tranter - Professor of Physical Geography
Professor Dudley Shallcross - Professor in Atmospheric Chemistry
Dr Jemma Wadham - Lecturer in Physical Geography